PIM Lumanti is built from modules and can be freely extended and configured

Product catalogue

PIM Lumanti provides the possibility to configure the product card independently. The user creates various types of attributes (images, descriptions, technical parameters, etc.) from which the product card is then built.

Products can be grouped, placed in a category tree, tagged, given statuses and special flags, and filters can be managed dynamically. These options provide not only a quick overview of the products, but also a more efficient distribution to the various communication channels.

Access to product editing options can be restricted at the user permission level.

Data imports and exports

Does your company get its product range information from external sources? No problem! PIM Lumanti allows data to be imported from files, including those with non-standard form and content. Newly imported products go into the buffer zone, where they are completed, categorised and finally published. 

Product data can also be exported to files of various formats (e.g. xml, json, csv).

Resource module

Additional files are associated with the product: multimedia, documents, programmes. Files are stored in the system in a separate location – the resource module – so they can be assigned to multiple products, product groups or even entire categories at the same time.

Integrations with external systems

PIM Lumanti can be integrated with popular auction platforms, price comparison sites and e-commerce platforms.

PIM Lumanti users

PIM can be accessed, at various levels, by many different users. These will include both company employees and representatives of business partners, e.g. retail chains, online shops, wholesalers, etc.

The history of editing changes, the option to save several historical versions to which you can return at any time, ensures control over the data editing process in PIM.

B2B zone

PIM Lumanti is not only a system for storing and creating product data and distributing it. WMC Software Agency has developed and implemented a proprietary solution for those clients who wish to use PIM for business relationships with their contractors.
In the B2B area, it is possible to create contractor price lists, catalogue price lists and other price lists necessary for the company’s pricing policy. The system enables both the import of prices from documents and external systems and also calculates prices according to predefined algorithms.
An advanced module for creating commercial offers for companies and individual customers. The module makes use of PIM’s solutions – product catalogue (quoting products from PIM), resources (attaching files to a quotation) and users (sending quotations to contractors registered in the system).
The module enables the creation of visually appealing PDF templates of an offer. Fast order creation on the basis of an accepted offer speeds up the sales process.
The prices of the products on offer are subject to control according to established rules. The quick calculation of offer margins, and the ability to manage offer statuses, allows you to effectively manage your contacts with trading partners.

B2B zone is a platform on which contractors can make purchases. Universal e-commerce solutions enriched with business-specific functionalities simplify and speed up transaction processes while making them clearer and easier to manage effectively.

If you like our solutions but are looking for more, get in touch with us. Together, we will work out the best model for your business.