Quotation. Faster, simpler, more effective

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Preparing a sales proposal should be simple, intuitive, even enjoyable. However, that is not all. The offers developed by traders need to be easy to compare and use in statements and reports. After all, the very look of the offer cannot be casual. A unified template, aesthetically pleasing graphics and clear product tables demonstrate the company’s professionalism and set it apart from its competitors.

All this is provided by the quotation module, which can be part of the LUMANTI PIM implementation. The module uses other parts of the system: the product catalogue, price lists and the user module. Authorised users prepare offers using the data in PIM, allocate discounts and negotiate business terms with contractors. The system allows an offer to be prepared for both partners registered in the B2B zone and customers outside the system.

The terms of the offer can be accepted by users with higher permissions.

By automating the process, the standard of offer preparation remains the same in terms of both content and appearance, and the complete set of documents and information related to the prepared offer is stored in one place in PIM.

The salesperson or user of a contractor can convert an offer into an order with a single click.

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