PIM Lumanti
Manage information
about your product range effectively

Complete product data stored in one place, secure, always up-to-date and easily accessible.
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Discover the 3 pillars on which we built PIM Lumanti

Simple and intuitive to use

Lumanti guides you step by step. No special preparations are required to become familiar with its use.

Flexible and universal

No matter what your company produces or sells. Lumanti is designed to present any type of data about a product range.

Tailored to the real needs

Years of experience helped us to create a tool tailored to the authentic requirements of business reality.

Data distribution

PIM Lumanti enables easy distribution of data to different communication channels: web services,
e-commerce platforms, printed catalogues, etc.

Save time
and money

Lumanti’s PIM is an immediate opportunity to work remotely at no extra cost, and to provide quick and efficient onboarding of a new employee to manage the company’s offer information.

Lumanti for every department in the company

PIM Lumanti supports

marketing professionals in the following areas:
completion and updating of the product database
product marketing data management
distribution of information on the product range

PIM Lumanti supports

sales professionals by offering them:
creation of price lists for contractors
preparation and processing of commercial offers
order module for contractors

PIM Lumanti supports

the company’s logistics department:
stock control
supplier database management
product purchase price history

Frequently Asked Questions

Would you like to find out more about PIM Lumanti? You will find answers to the most frequently asked questions below

Can PIM Lumanti be integrated with external systems?

Yes, it is possible to integrate PIM with systems such as Allegro, Ceneo and popular sales platforms.

I want my company’s employees to use PIM at various levels. Is this possible?

Permission groups allow flexible management of PIM users. Selected groups may have limited access only to the indicated areas of the PIM.

My company’s offer has an unusual and complex structure. Will PIM allow it to be presented in a readable way?

Products in PIM can belong to one or more product categories, have additional flags, filters or features that make it easier to browse through them and quickly find the content of interest.

I want to import products from various sources into PIM. How do I do this?

Products can be added to PIM manually using the ‘add new’ form or imported from, for example, xls files. The newly imported products go into the buffer zone, where they are verified by authorised users.

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